PianoCube | How to Play

Choose the game mode

Turn the Cube

Turn the cube to play piano

Play Piano

Play piano to turn the cube

Rotate the cube

Swipe with one finger

Swipe with one finger to rotate a layer

Swipe with two fingers

Swipe with two fingers or long press and
swipe with one finger to rotate the cube

Inspect the cube

Change the Viewpoint

Use three fingers to change the viewpoint

* The last chosen viewpoint will be saved

Reset the Viewpoint

Double-tap to reset to
default viewpoint

* Double-tap again to switch the viewpoint
* The last chosen viewpoint will be saved

Choose one of 16 cubes

Tap the top-left button to switch
between 2×2×2 and 3×3×3 cube

Change the cube dimension

* Your current progress will be saved

Tap the top-right button to change the stickers
and to choose one of 4 cube design

Change the cube design

* Your current progress will be saved
* Change the color scheme (Western
and Japanese) in Settings

Scramble or reset the cube

Solved cube

Tap the bottom-left button to reset
the cube to the solved state

Scrambled cube

Tap the bottom-right button
to scramble the cube

Choose the right layout

Rotate the device for
landscape or portrait mode

Change Orientation

Tap the Swap button to change
the keyboard position

Swap the Keyboard

* Your preferences will be saved

Customise the App appearance

Tap the Keyboard button to
hide or show the piano keyboard

Hide or Show the Keyboard

Tap the Settings button
to change the App theme

App Theme

Change the keyboard layout 
and other settings

Create or change your custom
keyboard layout in Settings

Keyboard Layout

Tap the Settings button
for more options:

Settings Button

  • Enable or disable the sounds
  • Chose an instrument
  • Show or hide the timer
  • Select the cube color scheme
  • Set the cube speed, etc.

Use the timer and the
turn metrics counter

Timer and turn metric counter

Timer and turn metric counter

  • Play or turn any layer to start the timer
  • Tap the timer panel to pause
  • Play piano or turn the cube to resume
  • Set the turn metric in Settings

Turn metrics

  • QTM (Quarter Turn Metric)
    only quarter face turns count
  • QSTM (Quarter Slice Turn Metric)
    only quarter layer turns counts
  • ETM (Execution Turn Metric)
    any cube movements counts


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