CubePal | Quick Start Guide

CubePal v2.5

Main Screen

Simplified UI

CubePal Main Screen

Advanced UI

CubePal Advanced UI

Cube Turns

Single Layer (Slice) Turn

CubePal Single Layer Turn Gesture

Entire Cube (All Layers) Turn

CubePal Cube Turn Gesture

Cube Inspection

Cube Free Rotation

CubePal Cube Rotation and Inspection Gesture

Cube Control

CubePal Cube Orientation Reset and Control

Cube Scrambling and Solving

Cube Scrambler

CubePal Cube Scrambles Generator

Solved Cube State

CubePal Reset the Cube to Solved State

Cubes and Algorithms

Cubes Switcher

CubePal Cube Switcher

Cube Algorithms

CubePal Cube Algorithms

Algorithm Manager

Main Features

CubePal Algorithm Manager Main Features

Algorithm Menu

CubePal Algorithm Manager Menu

Custom Cubes

Main Features

CubePal Customization

Cube Mods

CubePal Cube and Sticker Mods

Cube Colors

Color Schemes

CubePal Color Schemes

Color Editor

CubePal Sticker Color Editor

Timer and Metrics

Cube Timer

CubePal Cube Timer

Cube Metrics

CubePal Cube Metrics

App Settings

Main Settings

CubePal Main Settings


CubePal Notations


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