PianoCube | Play Piano to Solve the Cube

Memorization of cube algorithms may be difficult. Music is very easy to memorize.

Every melody is an algorithm and every algorithm is a melody.

Find new algorithms and compose some music! Create cube patterns using musical patterns!

PianoCube! is a great and unique tool for beginners, intermediates and advanced cubers.

Main features:

  • 16 different cubes: 2×2×2 and 3×3×3 black, white, carbon or stickerless cubes;
  • 3 instruments: grand, electric and harp piano;
  • 2 App themes: a dark mode theme and an ivory light theme;
  • Change the cube and its design on the fly;
  • Rotate to portrait or landscape mode while playing;
  • Swap the keyboard on the fly to adapt for left and right-handed use;
  • Solve the cube in full-screen mode: hide the keyboard in portrait mode;
  • Customize the keyboard layout: choose a different layout or reassign the keys;
  • Scramble the cube using a WCA class cube scrambler;
  • Use the integrated timer with automatic start, pause, resume and save functions;
  • Count the moves using different turn metrics;
  • Keep all your progress and preferences with the automatic save function;
  • Manage sounds, cube speed, layouts, status bar appearance and others in Settings Menu.

Major characteristics:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch;
  • Adjusted to any display sizes and orientations;
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or newer;
  • Built using Swift 5 and optimized for iOS 14;
  • Offers high-performance 3D graphics and animations;
  • Optimized for low memory and battery usage.


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